What is a FAN ID

- What is a FAN ID and why you should get one
As required by Russian legislation, to get to the FIFA World Cup match, you will need a per-sonalized visitor card, otherwise known as the FAN ID, in addition to your ticket. This name card is is-sued for each visitor and is obligatory for all ticket owners, including Russian residents and children. For the citizens of foreign states, the FAN ID also gives a right to visa-free entrance to Russia. You only have to get your FAN ID once, and use it for all the FIFA World Cup matches along with your tickets.

-Getting your FAN ID
If your FAN ID application is approved, you can get it at the FAN ID Registration Centers, by mail, or right at the stadium. Foreign citizens and stateless persons from visa countries can get FAN ID by mail.

FAN IDs can be collected from the Registration Center by the applicant himself by showing his passport or other picture ID, or by the applicant’s proxy. In this case, the proxy has to have a picture ID for him-self, a copy of the applicant’s passport, notarized letter of attorney, a game ticket or a printout with the number of the ticket order.

- Applying for FAN ID
ou can apply for your FAN ID online at the official website (https://www.fan-id.ru/?locale=EN) or in person, at the FAN ID Registration Center.

To submit your application, you will also need a number of your ticket, or the number of your order, if you’re buying a set of tickets. This number can be used several times, depending on the number of tickets purchased.

After submitting the application, you will receive a text message on your mobile and an email confirm-ing the receipt of your application. Application for the FAN ID will be processed in a matter of 72 hours.

After that, you will receive a new notification on your application status.

If you want to register one more time or change your application form, you have to wait for the mes-sage with application status, and register once again. This is only applicable in cases when you want to correct the spelling of your name or last name or the birthdate information. All the other information can only be changed at the FAN ID Registration Center.

You can also get your FAN ID at the Registration Centers that will soon open in all of the FIFA World Cup host cities.

Registration in the center will take a few moments: the staff will take your picture, check the docu-ments and ticket number/online order number. If you go to the center, make sure to take your pass-port or other ID and the game ticket or a printout with the ticket order’s number.